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If Your Company Shuts Down, Will My Sense Stop Working?
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So, Nest recently announced that it will be shutting down Revolv, the cloud-based home automation hub. This raised some understandable outrage, as well as an important question: what happens when support for a cloud-based product disappears, and customers are left with a useless chunk of hardware and a dent in their wallet?

As we here at Sense make a piece of hardware that requires the cloud to function, this has been a question that we’ve been thinking hard about over the last few days.

The trouble is, Sense really does have to do some of its processing in the cloud. Sense is constantly learning about not only your home, but about every home that has Sense installed. That’s a lot of learning, and it’s done best in the cloud.

So, while we plan to be around for a long time, we don’t like the fact that, if something were to happen to Sense, people who supported us would be left with nothing to show for it.

We are developing a way to allow core Sense functionality to continue, should Sense the company disappear. We have some ideas about how we can do this, so stay tuned for announcements on that front. Continuing, reliable functionality is a legitimate, important feature for users to expect from cloud-connected products, and we’re committed to developing a thoughtful solution to this problem.