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A lot of people have been asking for more details about the Sense app, so we put together this quick video to give you a better sense (pardon the pun,) of the app interface:


A lot of people have asked us for a demo video, so I wanted to give you a quick intro to Sense and some of our key features. Let’s get started.

So, this here is the home screen, you can see it’s divided into two sections. On top, we have bubbles; these are designed to show you at a glance what’s on at home, and to show you the relative amount of energy each device is using. You can see right now I’ve got “always on,” that’s my phantom load. The upstairs TV, the dishwasher, and the fridge is all going.

Now, let’s take the TV for example, we can see that’s 197 watts, and I can decide whether or not I want to show that on my timeline. Now in all honesty, Sense figured out it was a TV, but it didn’t know that it was the upstairs TV, that I had to go in and rename, like this.

On the bottom half we have the timeline, so I can use this to figure out what time of day my kids got home, when they ate lunch, and just what’s happening at home.

The other part of the Sense screen is the Sense power meter, so this shows you the different energy spikes, and it’s kind of fun to walk around the house, turn things on and off, and watch the energy spike.

Next, I’ll take you to the trends screen. So this shows you by day, week, month, last month, how much energy each device is using. So for example I can see here that my aquarium is taking up 3.6% of my energy, or today, let’s see, I ran the dryer and I can see what time I ran the dryer.

Over here we’ve got our list of devices, and I just want to show you that down here at the bottom we’ve two devices that Sense hasn’t been able to recognize: “unnamed device three” and “unnamed motor six.” Now perhaps I’ll keep an eye out for them and try to figure out what they are. Same with the rice cooker; I don’t think Sense recognized that, I think I was able to determine that that was the rice cooker.

And then lastly we have these alerts, so right now we just have two alerts but that’s something we’re hoping that to give- to build out in the future. They’re just, when the wash is complete, and when your washer and dryer are done.

And that’s it! That gives you an overview of Sense in a nutshell.