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5 Interesting Ways that Sense Saves

How can Sense impact your home beyond savings on monthly energy bills?

While our users continue to impress us with their financial savings, we’ve also seen quite a few stories from customers where the savings go beyond a traditional price tag. From preventing property damage to preserving the health of a reptilian roommate, we’ve put together our most interesting Sense Saves stories from 2019.

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5. Impress your spouse with Sense notifications

Lou D from Alberta showed us how we can make our spouse’s life a little bit easier using Sense notifications to send an alert every time someone arrives home with groceries.

4. Identify what does (and doesn’t) lead to excessive energy bills

Ryan W from Washington was getting ready to bid farewell to his hot tub until Sense identified that this was not the main cause of excessive monthly energy costs. We’re happy to report Ryan is back to guilt-free enjoyment of his home spa.

3. Sense saved water access following a natural disaster

Carol S. from California was able to identify and replace a broken deep well pump within 24 hours. Sense saved Carol from an estimated three week waiting time from the local hardware store following an earthquake.

2. Sense saved this user from drowning their lawn while away

J Dietz from Virginia left for vacation and saw that the well pump in their home was mistakenly starting up every several minutes. After a quick phone call to a neighbor, the situation was resolved and the lawn was saved without any actual damage.

1. Sense saved a reptilian roommate from overheating

Nigel S. in Massachusetts found out that an in-home aquarium heater was using a little too much energy after checking the Sense app. Upon investigating, Nigel found the aquarium heater had broken and was overproducing heat. Thanks to Sense, Nigel was able to perform an emergency rescue and save the life of a small reptilian friend.