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App Feature: View Kilowatt-Hours

Your Sense app comes with a bunch of features you may not know about. Read on to learn how to get kilowatt-hour information so you can de-mystify your electric bill.

The Sense app has a lot of features! The app shows you watts by default, but here’s a little secret for those in the know–you also can view your home’s kilowatt-hour consumption, even down to a device level.

Step 1: Go to the trends screen by clicking on the menu icon of your home screen, then selecting "Usage."

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Step 2: View more detailed trends by clicking on the first trends chart you see.

how many kilowatt hours do i use

Step 3: Press and hold on the column that you want to learn more about to view a pop-up with the kilowatt-hour information.

kilowatt hours per week

Step 4: To see device-specific kilowatt-hour usage, scroll through the devices list at the bottom of the screen and select a device. Then, press and hold on the column you’re curious about to see a pop-up with the kilowatt-hour usage for the selected device during that time period.

how many kilowatt hours oven

Hopefully this gives you more insight into how the watts you see in the bubbles on your home screen translate into the kilowatt-hours you see on your electric bill.

To learn more about watts, kilowatt-hours, and the difference between the two, read What is a Watt? on our blog.

Happy Sensing!