Sense Team

Meet the New Faces at Sense

We’re still rapidly hiring to keep up with the demands of scaling. Say hello to the newest additions to the Sense team – Tadashi, Matt, Mary, Jonah, Rayshawn and Alex.

With almost 20 people squeezing into our little Cambridge office we’re hiring so we can continue to roll out new features and improve device detection. Say hello to the newest additions to the Sense team - Tadashi, Matt, Mary, Jonah, Rayshawn and Alex.

Tadashi and Matt

Tadashi and Matt have joined our arsenal of data scientists - the wizards who map out our device detection models and add devices that are then visible to you in the Sense app’s bubbles and timeline.










Tadashi holds a Ph.D. from NARA Institute of Science and Technology, Japan and has researched signal processing at Panasonic and SpeechWorks - the first company founded by our CEO, Mike Phillips.










Programmer and board game lover, Matt has a PhD from Delft University of Technology, Netherlands in single photon detection. He lives to travel and to squeeze every last bit of understanding from data.

Our data scientists have the challenging job of mapping out the entire space of how signatures appear in electronic signals (and many more types of signals) and then mapping those signals to the complex devices in your home. Matt is currently working on developing our Electric Vehicle charger models, and we’ll be needing your help so you can expect to hear from us soon!

You can check out our blog article showing Etienne, one of our data scientists, demonstrating how we detect devices.










Mary is our new front end engineer who founded Little Blue - a user focused web design and engineering company.

She has been working hard to bring you the web interface that you’ve been asking for (soon, we promise!), and will be working on adding the highly requested feature of exporting your Sense monitor’s data.










Jonah is a software engineer who helped create Emmy Award-winning software at iZotope, and wrote macOS and iPhone apps at Apple. He holds a BA in Computer Science from Boston College.

Jonah has been working to improve Sense’s sensitivity to non-optimal situations such as intermittent networks and bad configurations - trying to get the monitor to fix its problems by itself - as well as smoothing out some of the kinks on the monitor’s software.

Rayshawn & Alex

Rayshawn and Alex have joined our Technical Support team, to ensure we’re getting the right answers to your questions in an efficient manner.










Rayshawn is a former Harvard Software QA Engineer responsible for jump-starting test automation program; and was CX and Product Expert and Ecovent Systems where he built a scalable RMA process.









Alex is a student at Bunker Hill Community College working toward a degree in Network Security.

Rayshawn and Alex also assist with pushing new devices to your homes, and keeping tabs to ensure everything's running smoothly.

We’ve got more hands on deck to improve Sense based on your feedback, and continue to cater to our growing customer base!

If you think you’d make a good fit with the Sense team, you can check out our open positions and apply online.