Have a Question? Ask Sense!

What burning questions do you have for the team? Use #AskSense to get them answered.

We love to hear from our users and to field questions about Sense. In order to better accommodate those who cannot attend our webinars and to hold conversations more frequently, we’ll be trying out a new format. It’s pretty simple:

  1. You come up with some questions for the team over the month.
  2. We’ll convene, pick some questions, and shoot a video
  3. We’ll post our answers on the blog at the beginning of next month!

So…what do you want to know? Think general. Think specific. Think nerdy. Think how-to. Ask why/what/how. Want to know how Sense is similar to speech recognition? What programming languages we use? Why EVs are so tough to detect? Why “noisy” homes provide challenges? What a “noisy” home even is and why don’t we shut up about it? Why Sense is orange? Ask! For some inspiration, here's our video for April:

We’ll review as a team and answer as many as we can. If we get a really intriguing question, we might even be able to dedicate a video or blogpost to it. As always, the best way to reach the Support team about issues specific to your Sense monitor is via our Contact page.

Send us your questions via Twitter or Facebook with the #AskSense hashtag. Or comment on the AskSense post over at the Community