Introducing our Help Portal

Getting all of your questions answered by Sense’s customer support team just got even easier with the Help Portal.

Introducing our Help Portal

Many of our users have asked for more visibility into their Support tickets, both current and historic, and that’s where our convenient and powerful Help Portal comes in. Rather than search through your inbox to dig up old ticket numbers, now you can create tickets, easily interact with our customer service team, and see past tickets all in one place.

How does Sense support customers?

Be it a question about compatibility, installation, or troubleshooting, our customer support team has a multitude of resources available to ensure Sense is the right energy monitor for your home, and that your Sense experience is a good one. Responding to email queries in a timely manner is imperative, and our Help Portal helps to ensure that our agents have the information they need to get you a useful response quickly. The Help Portal is simple to use; you can create tickets online or within the Sense app, and a support agent will respond to them as quickly as possible, usually within 24 hours. Additionally, our support team has assembled a comprehensive knowledge base of information that includes frequently asked questions and troubleshooting hints so you can find many solutions on your own. We’re also fortunate to have an active and engaged Community Forum where you can find updates about the latest software releases, known issues, and ask questions of other users.

We’re lucky to have passionate users who are constantly sending us feature requests, feedback on the app experience, and suggestions on how Sense can have a greater impact around the world. Many of our major feature releases, like Goals & Budgets and our smart home integrations, have been inspired by enthusiastic user input. By leveraging the feedback tools inside the Sense apps and our Portal, you can easily share your ideas for Sense and be sure they’ll make their way to our product team.

Accessing the Help Portal

The login information you use for the Sense apps, Community Forum, and Help Portal are all the same, so you only need to log in once inside your browser and you’ll have access to all our resources. After you’ve installed your Sense monitor and logged in at, the Help Portal is accessible via the main navigation bar. In the top right corner, you should see the ‘My Help Portal’. Click your username and then ‘My Requests’ to access the Portal. You should now see the ‘Requests’ page, where you can view all of your active and historic requests, as well as any requests that you’ve been CC’d on. In addition, you can search within your requests and filter any results by request status.

Creating a New Ticket

Submitting a support ticket could not be easier! Go to and scroll down to the bottom of the page. Click ‘Submit a Request’ and you’ll be brought to a page where you can fill in the details of your request. If you identify a topic relating to Device Detection or Device Behavior, you’ll also be asked for permission to review your data. Whenever a ticket requires delving into a user’s home data, we always ask permission for our agents to look at this information. We now offer the option give your support representative permission to access your data going forward until you decide to revoke that permission, saving you the hassle of answering the privacy question every time you submit a support request. We are still, and always will be, 100% committed to keeping your data safe and secure. Our privacy policy has not changed.

Still have questions, but don’t have Sense yet? We can be reached here.