Cambridge, Mass. Declares October 5 Energy Efficiency Day

At Sense, we think about energy efficiency every day, so we are very pleased that Cambridge, our home city, has joined cities and states around the country in declaring tomorrow, October 5, 2018, as Energy Efficiency Day, in recognition of National Energy Awareness Month.

Cambridge Vice Mayor Jan Devereux, Nikhil Nadkarni from the Cambridge Energy Alliance, and Sense Co-founder/VP of Engineering Ryan Houlette.

The declaration highlighted two important measures in Cambridge: the city’s Net Zero Action Plan and its 100% Green electricity program. The Net Zero Action Plan is designed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from buildings, which constitutes most of the city’s emissions, to zero.

The 100% Green electricity program has set the goal of entirely renewable energy sources to power homes and businesses by 2035. In its first year, starting in June 2017, only a small percentage of eligible utility rate-payers had switched to 100% Green. By supporting National Energy Efficiency Day, the City underscored its commitment to continuing outreach and education about its energy efficiency goals and programs.

Sense Co-founder and VP of Engineering Ryan Houlette visited Cambridge City Hall, a short stroll from our offices, to thank Vice Mayor Devereux for her support of the measure, which was co-sponsored by Mayor McGovern and Councillor Zondervan. The Cambridge Energy Alliance and Green Cambridge also supported the designation with Sense.

Our city’s proclamation was a great reminder that energy savings start at home, including your state, city or town. Check out the Energy Efficiency Day website for tips and events and be sure to follow @Sense on Twitter to see how we’re celebrating!