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Finding an Electrician

Check out our tips for finding a qualified electrician, and get recommendations for the best electricians near you so you can install your Sense as soon as it arrives!

Sense always recommends using a licensed electrician for any work in your electrical panel, including the Sense installation. While the process is carefully designed to be both simple and safe, any work near high-voltage wiring can be dangerous. Even when your panel is shut off, there is still electricity traveling through the main lines. A survey of existing Sense customers shows that the installation only takes about half an hour, and it usually costs less than $150.

What do I tell my electrician?

Most likely, you’ll want to describe the work that needs to be done when contacting the electrician. You can familiarize yourself with the install guide and video, and share these resources with your electrician ahead of time. We also have a simple link you can give them so they can easily find all our installation materials: If they need a quick description over the phone, tell them that Sense is an energy monitor that uses two clamp-on current sensors, and needs to connect to a 240v breaker to measure both "legs" of your electrical service.