The Top Five Most Powerful Sense Features

While the Sense app is full of powerful features, we challenged ourselves to pick our five favorites.

It’s no secret that Sense is powerful. By nature of being powerful, it’s also quite deep. While we offer an in-depth series of app demo videos, we wanted to drill down this depth into just five bullet points: The Top 5 Powerful Sense Features that define the Sense experience.

#1: The Power Meter

The Power Meter is the tool to use when tracking down your energy hogs, and it couldn’t be easier!

#2: Device Notifications

Device Notifications give you real-time insights into what’s turning on and off in your home — and if they’ve been on or off for too long.

#3: Goals

By setting Goals, you can easily track your progress towards meeting them. And with Sense, hitting a goal means saving money.

#4: Smart Plugs

Sense gives you insights and smart plugs give you the ability to react to those insights, even when you’re away from home. They also net you instant detections for your connected devices.

#5: Usage

The Usage screen places all your historic energy information at your fingertips. Not only can you see how far you’ve come, but you can get clued into anything that might be over-consuming in your home — whether it’s a run-of-the-mill energy hog or a potentially faulty device.

Have these features helped you save big in your home? Be sure to let us know at Sense Saves.