Net Zero Vector House

Getting Closer to Net Zero

Follow along as we help a customer shrink his vampire power and get closer to his goal of becoming net zero.

Every home is different. New or old, solar or powered by the grid, each has a unique profile, reflecting the home’s systems and the owner’s devices. Sense customer Tom Mitchell had a sizable Always On load, so we offered to help him bring it down. He enthusiastically agreed! What we discovered was that his home has a powerful 15kW solar system--and a few significant areas where he can save energy and reduce his carbon footprint.

Watch how we use Sense’s Power Meter view to see in real time how much energy the different systems and electronic devices in Tom’s home are using 24 hours a day. CEO Mike Phillips and home efficiency expert Paul Eldrenkamp advise Tom on how to get closer to reaching his goal of a net zero home. Paul’s tips include replacing a radon fan with a more energy-efficient model to bring down his Always On load, and relying on the home’s heat pump rather than a conventional furnace.