Video: A Sense Dad Teaches His Kids to be Smart About Energy

Sense user Chris H shares his story about shaving off dollars and (and watts) from his energy bill.

We recently sat down with one dad and Sense user who is saving energy in his home and teaching his kids important lessons about living an energy-smart life. For Father’s Day, we’re sharing his energy journey. We hope it will inspire other dads and moms to lead by example, making smart energy choices that teach their kids about living sustainably.

When Chris H heard about the Sense Home Energy Monitor, he was curious. His energy bill wasn't much higher than his friends’ and neighbors’, but he wondered if he could get it even lower. After buying Sense, he discovered significant energy drains in his home (more on those in the video) and lowered his bill from $190 to $98 per month in the summer. But the benefits don’t stop there.

Sense provides Chris more than just energy awareness. It provides home awareness, like when Chris’s daughters forget to unplug their flat irons or his sons forget to turn off their lights. He’s happy to report that, after some initial road bumps (teenagers…), those devices are being left on less and less, to the benefit of his electric bill.

Check out the video for the full story.

A big thanks to Chris and his family for sharing their energy saving journey with us, and Happy Father’s Day to all dads who set great examples for their families every single day!

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