Sense web application

Introducing the Sense Web App

This first version of our web app brings home energy insights to any web browser, and paves the way for powerful new features.

Note: Since introducing the Sense Web App in December of 2017, we've added many exciting new features. Visit our Community Forum to read the latest release notes and find out more about exciting web-only features like Data Export!

We're excited to present our new web interface for the Sense home energy monitor. Building on the years of progress and development made in the Sense apps for iOS and Android, the new web app connects you with your home’s real-time and historical energy use, solar production, and energy costs. And this is just the beginning. Version one lays the groundwork for a number of powerful new features to be introduced in 2018 and beyond. Log in today and get big-screen access to your energy insights.

The new web app can be accessed by all Sense users at