Announcing the Monthly Email Report

With the new Monthly Email Report, it’s even easier to access your important Sense insights.

Sense is all about energy insights and helping you turn those insights into action. We’re constantly looking for ways to deliver you actionable information and, after a lengthy field test period, we’re happy to announce our new Monthly Email Report.

This email will be sent out at the beginning of each calendar month and provides a summary of your Sense data from the previous month. It’s great for a top-down, retrospective look at your usage and breaks your data into five sections:

  1. Average Wattage shows your average daily use over the course of the month and positions you in comparison to other Sense users in your state (if you’ve set that under Settings). 
  2. Total Usage shows your total kilowatt consumption for the month next to the previous 5 months.
  3. Always On shows your average Always On usage for the month and compares you to other users in your state.
  4. Solar shows the percentage of your Total Usage that your solar production negated. Note that you’ll only see this field if you’re using Sense Solar.
  5. New Devices shows you all new devices that were found by Sense during the month.

But that’s not all. Tap or click the > on each segment to be directed to the app, so you can dig even deeper into your data!

This is just the start. We designed the email to be flexible in its design, so as we get more feedback, we can make modifications and provide the information that our users want to see most, like deeper home comparisons. Let us know what you think about the new Monthly Email Report in our Community forum.

If you’d like to disable this feature (though we hope you don’t!), you can under Settings > Notifications in the app. Note that you will only receive the email if your Sense monitor was online and collecting data for the majority of the previous calendar month.