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Sense found a new device!

Device detection begins within days of installing your Sense monitor – but how do you go about naming the devices Sense finds?

Meet George Zavaliagkos: Sense’s New VP of Technology

George recently joined Sense from Amazon’s Alexa team to lead the direction of Sense’s machine learning developments and data science projects.

How Crowdsourced Data is Improving Device Detection

Sense’s v18 iOS and Android update makes it easier for you to identify the devices in your home by leveraging the power of crowdsourcing.



This Old House sense home energy monitor

Sense featured on “Ask This Old House”

We were thrilled to have Ross Trethewey stop by for the Future House segment on “Smarter Home Electrical Metering”. Meet a few of the friendly faces behind Sense’s development, and learn more about how device detection works.

What Are Data Science Jobs Like?

Data science is a hot field right now, but what does a job in data science mean? How do data science jobs differ from company to company? How high up the ladder can a data scientist climb?