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What’s Happening In Your Home?

The custom notifications feature helps you keep an eye on home activity and provides a heads up when something might be left on or using too much energy.

Announcing our Integration with Philips Hue Lighting

Sense's integration with Philips Hue is just the first step towards powerful integrations that help improve device detection and bring device control right inside the Sense app.

Viewing Energy Use in Real-Time with the Sense Power Meter

One of the most powerful tools within the Sense app is also one of the first features you can use after setting up your monitor, and it can help you start saving energy right away!



5 Ways Sense Can Help You Save Money

Every month, that dreaded time comes when you need to pay your electricity bill. You tear open the envelope and hope for the best. But alas, it seems high. Really high. Maybe your utility company even says you’re using ‘50% more electricity than...

Why Is My Electric Bill So High?

Your electric bill is high, but you don’t know why. After all, there is little information to help you understand the mystery of what goes into its total each month. Here are some reasons why it might be high, and what you can do to lower it.

Will Sense Work In My Home?

Interested in buying the Sense home energy monitor, but want to be sure it will work in your home? Take a look at this article, and find answers to some of the most commonly asked questions.

Alexa, Ask Sense…

Sense offers an Alexa Skill to help bring energy insights right to your Amazon Echo, Dot, and other Alexa enabled devices.