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Viewing Electricity Costs in the Sense App

Learn how to view your electricity use and solar production in dollars and cents, not just Watts and kWh.

Announcing Sense HomeCheck

Introducing a free, beta service to help identify electrical malfunctions, like appliance failure and power outages, in Sense users' homes.

Fundraising for Harvey Flood Relief

Sense will donate $50 to the Houston Food Bank for each monitor sold this Labor Day Weekend. Please consider donating.


about data science jobs

What Are Data Science Jobs Like?

Data science is a hot field right now, but what does a job in data science mean? How do data science jobs differ from company to company? How high up the ladder can a data scientist climb?

Light Bulb Moment

A common question for the data science team is “why is it so hard to detect light bulbs?” Learn why as our data science team tackles the question.

Solving Hardware Problems

Our Senior Hardware Engineer illustrates one of the many challenges involved in building hardware designed to live inside the home’s electric panel.

Help Train Sense by Renaming Devices

Ever had an unnamed device pop up in your app? This means we know that something is running, but we don't know what it is. Read on to learn how you can help us out by renaming those devices.