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2019 Data Science Update

Learn what the Data Science team has been working on this year — and what's to come.

Dive Deeper into Your Always On Load

Follow these steps to isolate and reduce your vampire loads.

Saving Big with Sense Solar

Learn how Sense user Tara S. cut her electric bill in half with Sense Solar.



A Tale of Two Homes

As you know, we’ve been on a bit of an Always On crusade lately. Sense recently conducted research to understand what factors are most responsible for Always On energy usage. We analyzed energy data from 4,271 customers’ homes and a survey asked...

Smart thermostat energy monitoring

We’re Having a Heat Wave!

During these warm summer months, energy use can skyrocket, and your electric bill can too. Check out these tips for beating the heat and saving on AC.

energy electricity myths

Busting Energy Myths

Many of the things we’ve come to know about our energy use aren’t as true as they seem. We looked into some commonly held energy myths to determine what can really help you reduce energy and electricity costs.