Video: Sense in a food truck?

Hear how one user installed Sense in his food truck, to the benefit of his wallet, our planet, and the hungry stomachs of Seattle.

From the beginning, Sense was built for homeowners, to deliver real-time and historic energy insights on typical home appliances and devices.

So when Moises Santos, the owner of Seattle’s El Costeño food truck, reached out to us about installing Sense, we truly weren’t sure how it would work. Commercial cooking equipment is quite different from what you’d find in a standard home kitchen and, despite its small stature, El Costeño is jam packed with industrial-grade tools of the trade. We wondered if Sense would recognize those unfamiliar energy signatures.

We’re happy to tell you that it’s worked out quite well! But don’t take it from us. We recently sat down with Moises to hear his story. Check out the video below. And if you visit Seattle, be sure to check out the Central District and order an elote at El Costeño!

Most of us don’t have food trucks, but have you put Sense to an unexpected use, either inside your home or outside of it? Share your story with us on Facebook or Twitter!