These Users Have Saved Almost $5,000 with Sense

Learn how Sense helped these users become more energy aware and save a ton of money.


That's how much combined savings these five users have seen (or expect to see) with Sense. Impressive! Check out their Sense Saves stories below to learn how Sense helped them become more energy efficient.


JD G from Massachusetts saved $80/month by using Sense to identify a faulty water pump. Check out the full story here.






Howard S from Florida estimates savings of $175/year just by changing out his incandescents to LEDs! Find his full story here.




David J from Kentucky was able to use Sense to identify a faulty furnace relay, causing his electric heat strips to run 24/7 and providing quite a fright with a $900 energy bill. Estimated savings? $750. Check out the story.



Mike D from Massachusetts used Sense to bring down his vampire load, netting estimated savings of $202/month. Learn more about the surprising culprit here.




Bam B from California also used Sense to cut down their Always On load just by using smart plugs to turn their devices off when they weren't using them. Those devices were costing them $50/month! Read the full story here.



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