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From Solar Insights to Solar Savings

With the latest update to the Sense app, insights into your solar production go deeper than ever.

We’re happy to announce the latest update to the Sense app — (v30 on mobile, v11 on web). With this update, Sense Solar users now have access to insights that go far beyond a simple production to consumption comparison. 

For solar homes, Sense Solar compares solar production to your home’s energy consumption in a single view, so you can track overall expenses on your journey to energy independence. Read one user’s Sense Solar story here

Sense Solar v30 screenshots

How to Access Solar

There are now three ways to access the Solar screen in-app:

  1. Double-tapping the Solar bubble in the Now screen
  2. Tap the solar production icon Solar Production - App Icon in the Now screen
  3. Tap on the Solar card in the Dashboard screen

Powered by Solar

With our new “Powered by Solar” metric, you can see exactly how much of your home consumption is being covered by your solar production, at any given time. This takes into account — in real time and historically — your energy flows to and from the grid. Now you can see exactly how much of your energy produced actually gets consumed by your home, rather than just being dumped to the grid. 

To Grid, From Grid

We’ve added real-time visualization and historic tracking of your “To Grid” and “From Grid” energy flows, in both watts and dollars. Your To Grid calculation will also now take into account a custom utility sell-back rate, if one applies, so you can see exactly how much your excess solar production is earning you. 

System Specs

Your new Solar Settings screen will now include a section called “System Specs,” where you can add details about your solar setup such as number of panels and wattage ratings. This is designed to be in compliance with California’s updates to its Title 24 regulations.

With insights from the above metrics, Sense can help you maximize your solar investment. You can now easily compare the financial benefits of shifting loads to times of peak production versus selling energy back to the grid. Maybe that electric vehicle would be better charged during your peak midday production?

You can find the full release notes at the Sense Community. Grab the new update here.

Find out more about Sense Solar here