Power Meter: Just One Tap Away

We’re making it easier to get to the Power Meter from wherever you are in the Sense app.

It’s now easier for users to get to the Power Meter from wherever you are in the Sense app. We know how helpful the Power Meter can be during your Sense journey of discovery in your home. Go from room to room, turning things on and off, and the Power Meter will show you exactly how much electricity each device is using. Many Sense users have been surprised to discover which of their lights, appliances, and consumer electronics use the most energy. Once you know how much each device uses, you can make changes to whatever is wasting energy in your home with the use of smart plugs, power strips, or replacing inefficient devices and appliances.

The Power Meter is especially effective at tracking down wasted energy from devices that stay on all the time (check out our thorough guide to reduce your Always On load). The Always On bubble in the home screen shows an average over time, so it won’t immediately react if you turn off a device that is wasting energy continuously. Look in the Power Meter view instead to analyze which devices are contributing to your home’s vampire load in real time.

Check into the Sense app next week and let us know what you think!

What’s Changing?

How to Access the Power Meter

The Power Meter is now located on the main navigation bar

How to Access Solar

There are now three ways to access the Solar screen in-app:

  1. Double-tapping the Solar bubble in the Now screen
  2. Tap the solar production icon Solar Production - App Icon in the Now screen
  3. Tap on the Solar card in the Dashboard screen

See how we used the Power Meter to track down energy hogs in one customer’s home, plus take a look at Sense Saves to learn how others were able to track down problems. Still have questions? Visit the Sense Community to gain insights from other Sense users into your specific scenario.