The Best Energy and Water Saving Gifts for Father’s Day

From solar garden lights to a water monitoring system, these gifts are perfect for the dad who wants to lower his home’s utility bills. Whether he loves saving energy, or just loves saving money, this gift list is just what you need to make this the best Father’s Day yet!

Luminites Solar String Lights – $34.95 via

Light up your dad’s life with these solar string lights. The provided solar panel charges throughout the day and gives these vintage-looking LED bulbs enough power to last anywhere from 6-8 hours. With two different lighting modes, these lights provide the perfect atmosphere for any outdoor space. Why pay for energy that could be free?

FLIR ONE Gen 3 Thermal Camera for Smart Phones – $229 via Amazon

This small, lightweight attachment can transform your smartphone into a thermal infrared camera. It’s perfect for the energy-aware dad who wants to pinpoint issues hiding in your home including heat loss, electrical problems, inadequate insulation, and even water damage. Let the dads in your life discover the world around them through a new thermal lens!

TopGreener Motion Sensor Switch – $16.60 via

The TopGreener Motion Sensor Switch will change the way your dad lights his home. This switch automatically turns lights on when you enter a room, and off again when you leave, using a motion and passive infrared sensor. With a 4.4 rating, customers love the three different modes as well as the great working technology. Get your dad the gift customers “can’t live without” for Father’s Day.

Flume Smart Home Water Monitor – $199 via

Flume is “changing the way we consume water” with an easy-to-install water monitoring system that gives you minute-by-minute water use data to protect your home and wallet. No more expensive repairs from hidden leaks or flooding while the family is away. Budget your way into Dad’s heart this Father’s Day with this practical gift.

Rachio Smart Lawn Sprinkler Controller – $129.99 via

“After purchasing and setting up our new Rachio system, miracles started occurring.” Customers rave about Rachio’s automatic irrigation scheduling that allows you to control your sprinkler system at home or on-the-go, giving your plants the perfect amount of water while saving you money. Make Dad’s yard thrive, while decreasing his utility bill for good!