The Biggest Sense Savings in 2019

These users saved an annual $18,000 with Sense…and possibly an entire house too!

We announced Sense Saves earlier this year, as a purpose-built platform for our users to share their own stories of saving with Sense. We’ve been incredibly impressed and, admittedly, even sometimes surprised at the savings some users have been able to achieve — from over $100 a month by just switching the whole home over to LEDS, all the way to potentially saving an entire home from an electrical fire. For both current and prospective Sense users alike, Sense Saves is a fantastic resource to see what’s possible via real-time energy insights.

Want to see what’s possible at a glance? We combed through the site and picked out the top 10 stories with the most estimated savings in 2019. Click the images to read the whole story.

10: $550 annually by switching to a variable-speed pool pump.

9: $1,000 yearly via a variety of energy-saving measures, all with a net-zero goal.

8: $2,000 in annual savings with Sense revealing yard irrigation issues.

7: $2,400 a year after identifying faulty always-on emergency heat.

6: $200 every month by using insights from Sense to shift high-use loads to times of peak solar production.

5: $200 a month after seeing the true costs of baseboard heat.

4: (Another) $200 a month after making some insight-driven HVAC upgrades.

3: $202 per month after identifying a massive Always On load — 1,075W!

2: $2,500 a year after identifying issues with a water recirculation pump.

1: $194,000 — an entire house — after identifying a short-cycling deep freezer that was burning away at its insulation.

Check out Sense Saves to learn how others are saving and to submit your own story.