These Sense Community Members Earned Green Hearts This Valentine’s Day!

Thousands of Sense users visit our Community every month to share knowledge, expertise and insights about home energy topics and how to get the most from Sense. Community members take the time to answer all kinds of questions based on their expertise and experience in fields ranging from IT to electrical systems.

Many Community members have shared thoughtful responses with the goal of helping others learn and sometimes even troubleshoot issues around their homes. This Valentine’s Day, we recognize their true community spirit with our Green Hearts awards and a compilation of some of the Community’s most popular responses. Join us as we take a look back at some of the examples of how wonderful our Community really is.

To @jkish

In response to a long Community thread analyzing how accurate Sense is compared to utility metering, a former utility meter technician (@jkish) explained what all those lines, bars and numbers on a utility meter really mean and how they can be used to check the accuracy of Sense compared to meter data. (To see @jkish’s explanation, scroll down to his May 2020 post.)

To @MikeekiM

When a Community user asked for advice sorting out the hype about solar panels, @MikeekiM responded with his own personal experience as a California homeowner with solar panels. He went above and beyond by highlighting several of the factors that he would consider if he were purchasing solar panels again.

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The Helpful Tips 💚 Award

To @pswired

In the Sense Community, users reach out with questions or concerns about their home electricity in general. Community Moderator @pswired frequently brings his personal knowledge to the conversation, providing extremely helpful tips including:

1. How to set up custom notifications about usage goals in the Sense app so you’ll know if you’re in danger of overloading your panel.

2. Explaining how the Sense Labs: Power Quality project can notify users of potential electrical hazards before they develop into more serious issues over time.

To @kevin1

Anyone who has spent time in the Sense Community knows @kevin1 well. As an early adopter of Sense, Kevin has been a continuous source of inspiration and insight throughout his time as a Community Moderator. With hundreds of examples of @kevin1 going above and beyond to assist users in the Community, one fan-favorite is his response to a request for a specific view of data from Sense. @kevin1 was able to bring his professional experience with data analysis into the Community by creating a web app that reformats exported Sense data into the view originally requested.

Want to test it out? Try it here. You can get to know @kevin1 by reading our blog interview with him.

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