Viewing Electricity Costs in the Sense App

Learn how to view your electricity use and solar production in dollars and cents, not just Watts and kWh.

view electricity costs

Nothing brings your energy use into perspective like viewing real-time and historical usage in dollars and cents. How much are vampire loads costing you? How much does solar save you? Inside the Sense apps for iOS and Android, you can get answers to these questions and more, and customize your rate and billing cycle quickly and easily.

You can “opt in” for this feature in the Settings screen. We’ve put together a couple of articles in the Sense Knowledgebase to help you get setup:

How do I set my electricity rate in the Sense app?
How do I set my billing cycle?

We have lots of improvements planned for this feature, including tiered rates, time of use, and demand charge monitoring, so this is only the beginning. The video below offers a quick tour of this new feature with Sense's Principal Product Manager, Hilario Coimbra.