3 Users That Saved Their Appliance With Sense

These Sense Customers Saved Their Appliances from a Full-out Breakdown

Most homeowners don’t think often about their home appliances until something goes wrong with them. This can lead to repairs that end up costing much more than if the issue had been caught earlier. But how can you identify abnormal appliance behavior before the appliance breaks down? Some Sense users have done just that and saved hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars in the process! Check out how these Sense customers saved their appliances and might even have prevented additional damage to their homes..

1. When Kevin B. saw large spikes in his Power Meter, he knew something was going on that wasn’t normal with his A/C unit. When he went outside to start it up, he noticed the fan didn’t immediately start and the motor housing was hot. Kevin realized he needed a new motor and capacitor, and installed them, saving his A/C from a full failure.
2. After making some major home repairs and reinstalling his Sense Monitor, Matt observed spikes on his Power Meter every 30 seconds, with each spike lasting around one second. By switching his breakers on and off while watching the Power Meter, Matt was able to isolate the issue to his well’s new pump. He replaced a check valve to resolve the problem before the wear caused more damage.
3. While checking his solar energy consumption in the Sense app, Ken found “1000W spikes, each lasting about 2 minutes with a 10-11 minute break between them. This went on for 2 days like clockwork.” Ken discovered a failed pumping mechanism in his sump pump and was able to replace the pump before the next big storm flooded his basement!

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