aisha strauss customer service manager sense home energy monitor

Meet Aisha Strauss: Sense’s Customer Service Manager

Being on par in terms of price and quality only gets you into the game. Service wins the game. – Tony Allesandra

As a growing business that relies heavily on customer insights, Sense’s customer service is instrumental to achieving our goals. Thankfully, we have Aisha Strauss at the helm of our customer service team.

Sense’s support team provides help to customers, from ordering to installing to troubleshooting, but it doesn’t stop there. “The best thing about Sense’s customers is how passionate they are. They’re very vocal, and they’ve had some amazing ideas for feature requests and app designs.” Many of the updates and new features we have coming out are the result of the support team listening and taking notice of what people ask for, and making sure that information is followed up on across the organization.

aisha strauss customer service manager sense home energy monitor

It’s true that customer service can make or break an organization, just ask anyone who’s worked in retail or spent hours on hold trying to troubleshoot a problem. And as the technology behind Sense continues to evolve, customer feedback and support is critical to our learning and growth. Our weekly company meeting starts with the support team presenting a rundown of feedback, common issues and insights they’ve collected from users. Data science, product development, engineering, marketing and other teams rely on this information to make Sense better. “Every day when I go to work I feel as if I’m a part of something so positive,” Aisha says, “it’s a great feeling knowing everyone is collectively working together towards the same goal.”

With hundreds of support tickets coming in everyday, there’s a whole team of support gurus ensuring that questions and concerns don’t slip to the wayside. Lauding her team as dedicated, passionate and diverse, Aisha commends them for going above and beyond when it comes to engaging and following up with users. Sense’s customer support is handled by a team of just eleven, with four of those positions being held by Northeastern University co-op students that rotate biannually. Sense is still a small, young company that relies on student positions to handle the bulk of basic support tickets so that Level 2 support engineers can focus on the most complicated technical queries. Still, everyone on the support team has an intrinsic interest in technology, which Aisha believes is important, “you need to get your hands dirty if you want to see results.”

Previous to starting at Sense, Aisha worked for nine years at Karmaloop, where she managed a customer support team that grew from eight to more than sixty, while reducing costs by $1.7 million in the process. She and her team won industry recognition for achieving best in class customer support. After Karmaloop, Aisha had a stint at Charles River Apparel, a local company that has been around for 20+ years. Still, she found ways to improve their best practices through implementing benchmarks and KPIs.

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