Sense Saves

Announcing Sense Saves

Sense Saves is a community built for insights, written by Sense customers.

If you read CEO Mike Phillips’ year-end blog post, you’re aware that we’re doubling down on helping users get cost and energy savings in their homes. A recent survey of over 1,500 Sense customers revealed that for 85% of users, reducing energy costs was their top motivation for purchase. Sense has helped them achieve that goal, but we’re always looking for ways for current and new customers to save.

We found our inspiration in the Sense Community where our customers routinely share great stories about saving money by finding ways to reduce their energy usage. But the Community is an open forum, conversational in nature and thus not hyper specific in a way that would benefit those just looking for tips and tricks to save. We decided to combine aspects of this forum with a new, intuitive user interface that keys in on cost and energy savings. We’re calling it Sense Saves.

Sense Saves is a community built for insights, written by Sense customers who’ve made the effort to analyze their homes with the Sense app in hand. We’ve been impressed by the detective work that has led customers to identify hidden energy drains in their homes, ranging from ground wires that were leaking electricity into the ground (literally) to old, inefficient water heaters on the verge of giving out. We want to share these stories widely.

Sense Saves is structured so users can submit and search for pointed insights about specific devices and general device categories. It was designed with interaction in mind, to be a sortable and shareable database of user knowledge, all focused on one core area: energy cost reduction. By sharing stories, users will empower each other to track down similar wasteful devices in their homes. You can freely browse the site, sort by post activity, or filter by common tags like Energy Hog or Faulty Device.

Are you already a Sense user? Submission is easy. Just log in with your Sense account and you’ll be able to both post your stories and comment on other users’ posts. Be sure to add your name and an avatar for the best experience. And make sure to provide an estimated dollar or kWh savings amount!

We’ve already heard some great stories from early-access users.

James O was able to save $60 a month by convincing his renters to utilize gas heat instead of costly electric heat. David J identified a faulty furnace relay and nipped some increasingly expensive power bills in the bud. Howard S netted $175 in yearly savings after using insights from Sense to optimize his water heater usage. These stories are just the beginning.

Check out Sense Saves now to learn how others are saving and to submit your own story.