Harvey foodbank

Fundraising for Harvey Flood Relief

Sense will donate $50 to the Houston Food Bank for each monitor sold this Labor Day Weekend. Please consider donating.

As everyone in the office has watched the devastating impact of Hurricane Harvey, we’ve been trying to figure out a way that we could help. We agreed to make a donation as a company, but also wanted to find a way to get our the Sense community involved. As part of this, over Labor Day weekend, from Friday, September 1st through Monday, September 4th, we’ll be donating $50 to the Houston Food Bank for every Sense monitor sold through our website.

As a member of the nation's largest non-governmental, domestic hunger relief organization - Feeding America - their goal is to make food accessible to hungry people in their greatest times of need, and the tragic flooding affecting the Houston metro area right now is certainly one of these times. They have the highest possible rating from Charity Navigator. They even use solar to power much of their facility. We are incredibly grateful to them for their work, and hope our small campaign might help support their valiant efforts.

If you already have a Sense monitor, please consider donating to them directly through their website, and encourage your friends & family to do the same.

To our users who have been directly affected by this tragedy: as you get back on your feet and assess the impact to your homes, if you find your Sense monitor was damaged in the flood, please contact our support team. We’ll gladly exchange your flood damaged unit for a new one.

Thank you, and have a wonderful holiday weekend.