The Sense Install Process? Survey Says it’s Fast and Easy.

Check out the results of our installation survey. Sense customers find the installation process very straightforward and that it takes less than 30 min.

The journey with Sense begins by installing the Sense energy monitor into a home’s electric panel. The first step in this process is booking an electrician. Since we realize this can be a bit of a hurdle, we’ve worked hard to ensure that the rest of the installation process is quick and easy – our survey results speak for themselves!

Do I really need an electrician to install Sense?

We strongly urge you to hire an electrician. The installation process itself is quite simple, but tinkering around in your electric panel can be very dangerous. Even once you turn off power on the main breaker, the service mains are still live.

The following results are based on survey data sent to Sense customers after their monitor is installed.

Installation process is quick and easy

While some Sense users install Sense themselves, those that do hire an electrician said the installation process took less than 30 minutes and cost an average of $128.

sense install graph

Sense users found the installation process very straightforward.

Here is what some Sense users said about their installation.

“Installation was ridiculously easy.”

“I was very pleased with the ease and various options for mounting.”

“Very smooth. No worries.”

“The install guide was almost too simple - the electrician paused to look for more details on the install figuring it can't be that easy (it was!)"

“Extremely easy. Less than 20 minutes including setup.”