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5 Ways to Save Energy in the New Year

How to save more energy in your home in 2019

Sense Gets Smarter About Devices

Learn about the latest improvements we’ve made to our device detection methodology.

Five Rules to Guide Your Smart TV Buying and Viewing

Learn how to get the most bang for your buck (and kilowatt!) on your next smart TV purchase.


Getting Started

Sense in panel

Will Sense Work In My Home?

Interested in buying the Sense home energy monitor, but want to be sure it will work in your home? Take a look at this article, and find answers to some of the most commonly asked questions.


Sense Connects with Smart Plugs

Sense now integrates with energy monitoring smart plugs from Wemo and Kasa, to help identify devices even faster and give you device control right from the Sense app.

A Tale of Two Homes

As you know, we’ve been on a bit of an Always On crusade lately. Sense recently conducted research to understand what factors are most responsible for Always On energy usage. We analyzed energy data from 4,271 customers’ homes and a survey asked...

Smart thermostat energy monitoring

We’re Having a Heat Wave!

During these warm summer months, energy use can skyrocket, and your electric bill can too. Check out these tips for beating the heat and saving on AC.